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New Sponsorship Deal Announced

We are delighted to welcome Sheffield Striders Women's Walking Football Club to the TWAHF family as we have teamed up with the club as sponsors.

The sponsorship deal will see our first involvement in the world of walking football and enter a new arena for us as we seek to explore the game and how we can best support players, coaches and teams within it.

Sheffield Striders provide walking football opportunities for players with teams at over 40's, 50's and 60's and boast of number of players who have played internationally as well as being incredibly successful in competitions around the UK. We have been inspired watching the club build their success over the last few years.

Walking football provides a wonderful opportunity to continue your football journey for life, giving a great platform to play and compete at a good level and adding to the experience of a player within their own career, this allows the continuation of the players development offering international prospects and the exciting element of competition when participation in regular football is over.

We are particularly keen to explore and promote the game as a cultural experience, football is a big part of so many peoples lives for so long, but for many that journey comes to an abrupt end when the decision is made to stop playing for whatever reason. We believe that walking football can be a fantastic opportunity to continue that pathway and ensure that people can stay involved with the game they love for many years.

Our sponsorship deal will see the TWAHF logo on the team shirt, whilst we will offer access to our services for players and coaches of the club as well as other areas of support being offered. Keep an eye out for our video to be launched when the new kit arrives as we aim to give a deeper insight into the sport and the team.

Follow the club:

Twitter: @SheffStriders



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