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International Inspiration

We believe that football is a universal language that can bring people from all backgrounds together. Our programmes aim to provide opportunities where none exist by creating platforms on all levels that can increase participation and bring local and global communities together under a common banner.

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Working with the Afghanistan Women's Development Team

Earlier in 2022, our team gave assistance to the Afghanistan Women's National Development Team as they played their first game since their arrival in the UK where they are currently claiming refuge after events in their homeland.

Spending the weekend with the team in Dorking, we looked after the squad as well as providing coaching, management and analysis for the squad in this historic and emotional encounter. 

They played Surrey International Women in a friendly game under the World Unity Football Alliance banner.

Since the game, we have been assisting players with training and playing opportunities and hope to create projects for the team in the near future. In August 2022, the team played their second game in the UK on the anniversary of their escape from home. They played South Yorkshire Police Women and came back from two goals down to win the game 4-2.

Find out more here.

Midlands Women International Squad

We are currently speaking with interested parties to create an amateur women's international side that will enable player to experience and grow on an international stage alongside our plans for a squad that represents the refugee and diaspora women and and girls currently living in the UK.

Mercia International will be made of players based in the Midlands using the cultural past of the country of Mercia  giving players an international stage playing experience.

With a view to joining organisations such as the World Unity Football Alliance and Conifa, the organisation will be in a position to offer access to international tournaments at home and abroad. 

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