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Strength & Conditioning

Our S&C services are tailored to women and girls looking to enhance their skills in the game by adding additional training based around speed, power, acceleration or any other area that is a focus for the player.

All our programmes are made for the individual, taking into account the players personal goals and data based testing using video and GPS technology.

All our sessions are done at a time and place to suit you, taking into account the playing surface wherever possible. 

Venue also available provided by us.

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We offer a free consultation and free testing days for all clients in order to understand the needs of the player. 

Our testing system consists of:

  • Movement Analysis - How efficient is the players movement?

  • Speed Checks - Checking for top speed, speed maintenance and acceleration rates.

  • Physiology Check - How well are the joints moving?

  • Strength Testing - To assess how strong the important muscles and groups of muscles are in relation to the game.

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