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Mercia International Women

The creation of the Mercia International Women's Football Association is a project that aims to provide a global and international experience for players.
Access to international friendlies and tournaments will give a significant life experience to players as well as offering a cultural education.

This project aims to be up and running in early 2023 with the first games hoping to played early to mid 2023.


Mercia International Aims

- To provide an international playing experience.

- To create opportunities and access to cultural experiences.

- To create exceptional playing environments with access to high quality support and coaching.


Why Mercia International?

Our aim is to offer a superb international experience to players in the world of amateur international football.

We want to create a high quality playing experience whilst giving access to high quality information and support.

Player will attend periodic training and selection camps and have the opportunity to take part in:

- International Amateur Friendlies.

- Amateur Competitions and Tournaments

- Trips abroad.

Our intention is to apply for and join the World Unity Football Alliance who boast 19 current members across the world including the local teams of Yorkshire, Surrey International and the Parishes of Jersey.

We are currently seeking to fill a number of voluntary positions for the organisation including:

- General Secretary

- Treasurer

- Coaches

- Partners

If this is a project you would like to get involved with, please get in touch.

Project Boundaries

We are looking to set our boundaries to take in cities, towns and villages in the following English counties:

  • Derbyshire

  • Nottinghamshire

  • Staffordshire

  • Leicestershire

  • Rutland

  • West Midlands

  • Warwickshire

Under international playing rules, players must live in or have connections to these counties that can be proved, specific eligibility criteria will depend on the association rules of which the tournament or game is being held.

As an amateur association and non FIFA affiliated, playing for Mercia International will not effect eligibility for FIFA associated countries such as England, Scotland and Wales.

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