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Working with every player.

Our player services are available to every woman and girl in football. From coaching to strength and conditioning and from performance analysis to career advice, we have services that can help you take your game to a whole new level.

Free services to every player for life.

It is our philosophy that everybody should have access to information and advice that can help them build and grow within the game. That is why we have something for every single player out there, no matter what the level and no matter what the area of desired improvement. 

Our free services ensure you have a 'Sport Science Partner' on hand at all times, as well as paid services for those who are seeking one to one support in a more direct way. Check out our basic services and decide what is the best option for you:


Strength and Conditioning







Fitness Testing










Access to a range of home based exercises library with full online and text support for advice and information every step of the way.



Use our free self analysis service, we show you how to analyse various aspects of your training and games. You will have access to our free 'Smart Phone' GPS tracker.


Learn the elements of fitness testing and what that means for you. We will help you test at home and interpret the results with you before giving advice and support on how you can use the results.

Free access to our psychology materials for you to study in your own time, including our Personal Player Development Plan.


FREE online consultations for life !!!

Paid Services


1 to 1, face to face bookings and personalised programme design in all areas. We will design and implement a programme with you to aim for specific targeted goals.

Live Video and GPS Analysis available for players with full access to our state of the art equipment with full reports and breakdowns, all complete with recommendations for targeted improvement.

Live fitness testing with full access to all our technology complete with full breakdown of reporting complete with targeted recommendations.


Online personalised 1:1 sessions at your convenience. We work through programmes that will benefit you by working on the areas that you specifically need support. 

FREE online consultations for life !!!

Accessibility and affordability is at the heart of our ethos. Therefore we have a price cap promise for all our paid services meaning no player with pay more than £15* per session, no matter how long any session lasts. 
*Maximum price does not include mileage which is payable at 25p a mile for sessions outside of a 50 mile boundary from our location.
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