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North of England
Refugee & Diaspora

For women and girls of all nations, living in the North of England, facing barriers to international football opportunities.

Creating chances to represent different cultures across the North of England.


Empowering Through Football

For refugees in the UK, access to continuing a football journey can be tough, in some cases impossible.

Circumstance may mean that players can not access international football or help, support and advice in all areas of sport.

For many reasons, players may not be able to represent their culture or country in any way, either being prevented or through financial reasons.

We aim to change that.


Playing & Training Opportunities.

Our schemes are aimed at women and girls who want to continue their football journey with opportunities at all levels.

  • Training opportunities as part of our schemes.

  • Representing our International Team in matches and tournaments. 

  • Getting access to help and advice within sport in areas such as Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition and Analysis.

Int. Surrey - Women 0264_w2000_h1334.jpg
Int. Surrey - Women 0264_w2000_h1334.jpg

Career Support 

No matter what the journey for the individual player, we can offer support, advice and research on the right pathway as well as making introductions to various clubs around the country. By building a great network we can ensure the very best route is open to all players.

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