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Afghanistan Women's Development Squad

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The World At Her Feet are delighted to be supporting the Afghanistan Women's Development Team in conjunction with Girl Power Org - led by the amazing Khalida Popal. TWAHF will be providing a number of supporting services and launching a number of projects to provide development and support for this special group of players.

Our Commitment & Work with the team.

The agreement with the team will see our founder, Jon Cotterill-Bolsover, take a role of General Manager, he will oversee the day to day running of the team, including:

  • Providing performance sessions for the players, strength and conditioning sessions and intensive training sessions designed to improve and maintain high standards on the pitch. 

  • To act in a General Management role for players. This will involve ensuring UK based players get opportunities at UK clubs that will match their ability and allow them to progress. 

  • Organise matches for the team including friendlies and tournaments.

  • To assist coaches and management team members with development, support with session plans, management skills and sports science education. 

  • To seek relationships and collaboration opportunities with football clubs to support the team and its players.

  • To look for funding opportunities and work with agencies to raise funding and sponsorship for the team. 

  • To create social integration experiences. 

  • To work with external agencies to ensure progression towards FIFA recognised status. 

  • Create a long term training project to ensure the team grows in the future.

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Watch and read about the teams journey, click on the links below:

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