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International Opportunities

Expanding Players Horizons

Our international experience schemes are truly remarkable. Giving players access to international games, tournaments, tours and more, we want players to experience the very best that football has to offer and make lifelong memories. 

International Matches:
Deira and Elmet

Our very own international team has been created in order to play friendly matches from cultures and teams from across the globe as well as having the potential to enter tournaments with teams around the world.

Deira and Elmet represents the ancient culture of Yorkshire before the creation of the United Kingdom. This ancient kingdom still has routes in the modern day world and covers the areas in and around Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford and York. 

Players who have connections to these areas are eligible for selection for this squad.


International Tournaments

One of the greatest experiences in youth football is the world famous Gothia Cup, we are hoping to make our second trip to the tournament in 2025. Coupled with a number of other international tournaments and experiences, we aim to provide and exceptional player experience.

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